List of Places In the Dracozoic.

Continents Edit

Remboras Edit

Remboras is the biggest continent in the Dracozoic. It started the main mythology of the Dracozoic.

Aderl Edit

Aderl is a constant battle, lots of countries fighting for control.

Cosmorans Edit

In Cosmorans, everything is high tech, from food to people

Arctica Edit

Arctica is cold, icy and uninhabitable.

Dinoras Edit

Dinoras is like the Prehistoric Eras combined. It is dangerous and unpredictable.

Rembis Edit

Rembis is made by Inferno and is separate from the other continents. It has different locations and different Mythology. See Rembis.

Other Locations Edit

The Underworld Edit

The Underworld is dangerous, with demons and zombies. It is where former gods reside.