Draco is a character in The Creature Chronicles.

Personality Edit

Draco is kind, courageous and brave but powerful. He often would sacrifice himself to save his friends.

Backstory Edit

Draco never knew his parents. They died before he was born. A family of Wisporan Dracors found his cave, and raised the Dracorius Zapperi as one of their own. When they were older, Draco and the only daughter of the Wisporan Dracors, Wisp, went out to the world. They discovered three beings called Calais, Gotira, and Seolot, and they became best friends! They went on many great adventures and stuff!

Relationships Edit

Wisp Edit

Wisp is Draco's childhood and best friend. Draco sees Wisp as a sister figure, but Calais claims that Draco has a crush on her. This is not true.

Calais Edit

Draco is annoyed by Calais's tricks but is friends with him just the same.


Draco does not understand Gotira's irrational fear of Amboros, but fears that she might be right.

Seolot Edit

Draco agrees with Seo about Calais doing to many tricks but gets annoyed by his constant halting of them.